Here at Kelpie Lures, we hand make soft plastic lures for all monster hunting needs.  We test all our lures and colours personally in house and spare no expense. From dragons, to kelpies, to spectres, to nymphs we have something to help catch even the most elusive of mythical creatures. Our team of experienced lure fabricators, lead by our Head Lure Maker Bill, work tirelessly day and night researching, tweaking and testing to bring you the finest in monster hunting lures. 


Oh, Bill informs me that much to his irritation our lures also catch fish quite effectively. Apparently one of the junior lure makers (Gary,) can quite often be found fishing with our products rather than conducting the field tests he was sent out to do. So, I guess if you were inclined, then using them for predatory fish such as pollock, bass, cod, perch, pike and zander etc. would be a good way to fill in some time between monster hunts. Gary has some strange pastimes, but I suppose everyone needs a hobby.