Below you can find the list of colours we currently offer for our freshwater or saltwater fishing lures. New colours are added on a regular basis and can all be found in our online store.  We do offer a custom order service, if there's a colour you can't find on the website or a certain combination of colours you would like, please get in contact with us either through this website or our social media platforms.  There is a minimum order of three packets for custom orders.

Happy hunting!

 Midas Snot

At great expense we managed to pick up one of the few remaining handkerchiefs belonging to the late King Midas, our highly trained researchers have managed to extract certain aspects from the residual mucus and refine it. An excellent colour for luring out dragons, male pixiu and has even been known to catch the eye of the odd leprechaun. Seems to be quite effective on predatory fish as well.

Princess Puke

We gather the ingredients for this colour at fairy-tale balls (I say we, but again usually apprentices or Gary – Bill doesn’t much like Gary), a brilliant lure for uppity giant apes and evil stepmothers. Unfortunately, again seems to catch fish.  

Monster Finger

Based on the fingers of a monster fresh off a rampage (we used to collect these directly from the monsters but now merely imitate them as Gary went to the union, health and safety gone mad), lures in this colour are effective for any monster that bites their own nails – simply lay it in their path and wait for the inevitable nibble. Disgustingly, we are told fish will also eat them.  

Mint Choc Chip

In the spirit of a greener planet (not because we are tight), dedicated members of our team (usually apprentices), scour the country's bins and root out discarded mint chocolate chip ice-cream tubs. We then use the dregs of these to create this colour. As a side note, harvests seem to be most successful after Notting Hill has been aired on tv. We find lures in this colour effective when on the hunt for harpies and sirens – very visible in murky conditions. I expect fish will fairly get in about them as well if that’s your kind of thing.  


This is Bill’s favourite colour (Bill is our Head Lure Maker), made directly from an extremely rare kelp only found growing near kelpie nests – this colour is used almost exclusively for kelpies. Apparently, to Bill’s great irritation, it also catches fish; this is something we are working on and hope to remedy in the future, but in the meantime it’s just something we’ll have to tolerate.  

Dragon Sweat 


At great personnel risk (that is not a spelling mistake, I very rarely take part in dragon sweating. Have you any idea how difficult it is to get something that breathes fire to sweat? Plus, it's very dangerous - we usually send Gary, he has surprisingly good cardio!) we gather this ingredient straight from the source.  Used primarily to lure out territorial dragons, it seems this colour also brings in the fish. . . weird.   

Unicorn Tears 


As its name suggests this colour is made from tears collected from wild unicorns. Our field team ranges deep in to magical forests and (with the use of a portable projector) projects the film Million Dollar Baby straight on to the forest canopy - Bill informs me that this is the saddest film ever made. We then collect the unicorn tears from the forest floor.  An excellent colour for coaxing in griffons, hippogriffs and, you know, fish as well.  

Sea Sprite 


This colour is refined from the essence of sea sprites as sea sprites are a delicacy to the merfolk, and indeed many creatures of the deep.  As such these lures are extremely effective when hunting merfolk.  We do suggest if you’re practising catch and release to bring items of kitchen cutlery - we have found that for some reason cutlery causes merpeople quite some confusion and provides you with an opportunity to release them safely.   

Pixie Mischief 


We create this colour with the residual energy left behind from pixie mischief. As you of course already know, the fey cannot resist a bit of mischief – therefore, this is an excellent lure for many creatures of the fey. Also fish, turns out fish are odd.   

Vicennial Junebug 


Once every twenty years on the third Tuesday of October the Vicennial Junebug (weird we know but we don’t name these creatures) awakens from hibernation deep within the earth and ventures to the surface to feed.  They remain active on the surface for exactly 42 minutes, in this time we harvest as many as possible in order to refine this colour.  This colour is extremely effective for many of the rarest of mythical creatures, most notable among them phoenixes.   

Mystic Moss 


Developed from an extremely rare moss only found growing inside fairy circles and around druid stones, this is then fermented and used in the production of this colour.  The perfect colour for hunting trolls and goblins. Bill holds a British record with a 15-tonne mountain troll caught using a lure in this colour.   

Dragon Fire Tails

Gathering the dragon fire to make these lures is honestly some of the most fun it's humanly possible to have. Bill created an extremely fire resistant material we had made in to a protective suit. It just so happened that it ended up being a perfect fit for Gary. We have Gary get kitted up and send him into known dragon hunting grounds, he then struts about singing derogatory dragon limericks. Generally any passing dragons will understandably take exception to this and attempt to incinerate our favourite junior lure maker (as dragons are want to do), now as long as Gary remembers to play dead they usually move on and he comes to no real harm. At this point we rush in and gather the residual flames before hosing Gary off and setting him away again. We usually make a bit of an event out of it and most of the team come along.