Lovely lure with a nice thumping action, we have found this lure to fish very well straight to a jighead, Texas rigged or as a drop shot; although can be fished using any other method. A personal favourite for pollock.  


These are mixed bags for those wishing to try a selection of different colours.


Option 1: Princess Puke, Dragon Sweat, Unicorn Tears, Mint Choc Chip, Blue Steel and Dragon Fire Tail Pink.  


Option 2: Pixie Mischief, Sea Sprite, Vicenial Junebug, Dragon Sweat, Midas Snot and Dragon Fire Tail Gold.


Option 3: Unicorn Tears, Sea Sprite, Midas Snot, Kelpie, Mystic Moss and Close Encounters. 


3.25" Bulb Tail-Mixed Bags

  • 3.25"


    12 per pack